Past Recipients - Charles Tennant Memorial Lecture

Year Recipient Lecture
2015 Prof Joe Sweeney 'Chemistry What Use is it Now?'
2001 B Grote 'The Energy Industry of the 21st Century: Addressing the Challenges Ahead'
1997 Sir William Stewart 'Biotechnology - The Genie is out of the Bottle'
1989 Lord Todd 'Two Centuries of Chemistry and the Chemical Industry - A Retrospect'
1982 J Edelman 'Food, Chemistry and Cuisine'
1978 D S Davies 'The Resurgence of the Engineer'
1972 R Hessayon 'Homo Sapiens - The Species the Conservationist Forgot'
1966 A Kent 'Pyrites - The Fiery Stone'
1964 Lady Crathorne 'From Farm to Factory and High Finance in Four Generations'
1960 A R Ubbelohde 'Melting and Freezing'
1957 H W Melville 'The Use of Radio Tracers and High Energy Radiations in High Polymer Chemistry'
1952 A Fleck 'The British Sulphuric Acid Industry - A Retrospect and a Research Prospect'
1947 E W J Tennant 'The Early Chemical Struggles of St Rollox Works'
1943 Sir William Alexander 'Charles Tennant'

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