Lipids Group International Lecture

Established 1964

(Formerly Oils and Fats Group International Lecture)

The SCI Lipids Group has a multidisciplinary approach to all facets of lipid science and technology. The Group focuses on the development and use of existing and new oil sources from agriculture, through oil winning, to the final product in its own right or as a component of another product or process. The major areas of industrial interest are food, oleochemicals, detergents and personal care products. Analysis and analytical development is another major Group interest.

Award Information


Nominations for the Lipids Group International Lecture can be made by any SCI Member or Committee officer. The recipient is selected by the Lipids Group Committee.

Lecture Details

The winner will be expected to give a lecture at a meeting organised by the SCI Lipids Group and will be presented with a certificate at the event.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Authority in a lipid field
    Career Stage
    • Mid – Late Career
    • Oils and fats


Nominations open TBC
Nominations close TBC
Frequency Triennial, or at the discretion of the Lipids Group Committee

Additional Information

Code of Ethics for Members

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Julius Lewkowitsch Memorial Lecture

The SCI Lewkowitsch Lecture commemorates Dr Julius Lewkowitsch, a chemist, entrepreneur and authority in the field of oils and fats. The lecture is awarded to those with expertise in oils and fats and their products.

Young Lipid Scientist Award

This award is to recognise excellence and emerging talent in research related to lipids, in any field across the physical and life sciences and engineering.

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