Sydney Andrew Medal

Established TBC

The Sydney Andrew Medal was established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of mauveine. Today it is now widely acknowledged as the highest honour in American industrial chemistry. Sir William Perkin was a founding Member of SCI and this Medal was first presented in New York to Perkin himself.

Award Information

Medal History

The Beilby Medal and Prize was established in 1930 in honour of Sir George Beilby. Sir Beilby's long and remarkable career as scientist and industrialist was marked by an enduring interest in the twin concerns of fuel economy and smoke abatement. His dedication and energetic research had great significance for the fuel and metal industries, and produced far-reaching advantages for society. He was SCI World President in 1898 and contributed greatly to SCI's growth in Scotland. A Beilby Memorial Fund to reward exceptional research was raised in his honour by subscription.


The Medals Committee of the SCI America Executive Committee. Nominees should not include active officers or Executive Committee members of the Section. Nominees not selected for the award in any given year may continue to be considered for two years after the original nomination.

Lecture Details

2021: The winner receives £1000 along with a medal and certificate. The 2021 Beilby Medal and Prize is being administered by the RSC and details about the lecture will be published in due course.

2020: Professor Xuan was presented with his prize at the Beilby Medal and Lecture 2020 event on 2 December, where he also gave a talk entitled ‘Tailoring Future Renewable Fuel Systems for Net Zero UK’.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Anyone residing in the United States of America who is actively engaged in the chemical profession in the judgement of the Perkin Medal Committee for outstanding work done at any time during their career, whether this work proves successful at the time of execution or publication, or becomes valuable in subsequent development of the industry.
    Career Stage
    • To be considered for the Perkin Medal Award, a candidate should have done applied chemical work resulting in outstanding commercial development. Their contribution may represent either personal scientific accomplishment or leadership of group effort. It should not have been primarily administrative or promotional, or limited to a role in initiating the activity. Their contribution should have clearly played a major role in the success of the development.
    • Chemical manufacture and distribution
    • Biotechnology
    • Agrifood
    • Materials
    • Sustainability and Environment
    • Pharmaceuticals


Nominations open TBC
Nominations close 1st June

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