Profile Sharon Todd, Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Todd joined SCI late 2015 as Chief Executive Officer. In moving to SCI she brought her industry experience to support the growth of SCI.

Sharon ToddSharon is an experienced senior executive with over 28 years in science-based companies. She has wide ranging experience including managing global businesses, board positions with global corporations and assisting  small companies and start-ups to grow.

Previous companies include Albright & Wilson plc., ICI plc, before moving to Innospec Inc. where she was appointed Executive Vice President responsible for Corporate Development and Managing Director of the Performance Chemicals Division.

More recently she managed her own consultancy and interim management business for 8 years focusing on business development, strategic repositioning of businesses and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). This involved working with start ups, University spin outs and large corporates – such as Synthomer plc. as Director of Strategy and M&A. 

She has been involved with a number of industry trade associations and innovation organisations.

After studying chemistry at Southampton University, she joined the chemical industry after being introduced to her future employer at an SCI recruitment event. In moving to SCI she brings her industry experience to support the growth of SCI.

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