Kalev Pugi

Kalev Pugi was born in Estonia in 1925 and migrated to Canada in 1947, worked for DuPont Canada Inc for 32 years, where he eventually became Senior Research Manager.

Kaleve Pugi (Photo used with permission from the Chess Federation of Canada Photo Archives)His extraordinary process and development achievements in nylon intermediate manufacturing and the continuous polymerisation of nylon were adopted worldwide by DuPont.

Pugi demonstrated a highly original approach to research and development. As well as his great organisational and scientific skills, he had a special ability to inspire and challenge, and showed an exceptional degree of care and concern for people.

The Kalev Pugi Award created in his honour recognises projects which embody Pugi's own qualities of creativity and determination, good experimental design and project management.

Pugi died in 1984 and left a $10,000 bequest to the Chess Federation of Canada in honour of his other abiding passion. The Kalev Pugi Memorial Fund supports talented junior players.

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