Julius Lewkowitsch

Dr Julius Lewkowitsch (1857-1913) was born in Germany and was a chemist, entrepreneur and authority in the field of oils and fats. He was a stalwart member of SCI from 1889.

Julius LewkowitschDr Lewkowitsch published one of the earliest books on oils and fats in 1895: The Chemical Technology and Analysis of Oils, Fats and Waxes, following a series of papers on analysis of oils, fats and soap in the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, the predecessor to Chemistry & Industry.

His work remains well regarded, In 2001, Kurt Berger, then 78 and a doyen of the SCI Oils and Fats Group (now Lipids) wrote: 'They are striking in comparison with those of his contemporaries in employing a wider range of quantitative methods and in drawing firm conclusions' .

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