Careers Committee (CC)

The Careers Committee's focus is to coordinate, support and accelerate SCI's careers activities. The Committee has both advisory roles and delegated responsibilities for administering the SCI Ambassadors Programme, the SCI Mentoring Programme, the Days of Science and Careers events and to support the College of Scholars. It reports to the Board of Trustees (BoT).

Message from the Chair

Robin Harrison, Chair

The Careers Committee has been established to coordinate the wide ranging activities at SCI that support the career development of our members through its various working groups. Through this programme, SCI provides a range of opportunities for members to gain new skills and insights for their career journeys.

Running since 2016, SCI has a very successful Mentoring programme open to early and mid-career professionals to support members‘ careers through training, development, and employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurial university students have the chance to pitch their business ideas to commercial and technology leaders from our corporate partner network at the Bright SCIdea Challenge. Entry into the competition gives exclusive free training in a range of business areas, with the opportunity to compete for a cash prize for the winning team.

The SCI also hosts several career related meetings every year, for example, the Day of Science and Careers and the College of Scholars day, which give our members the opportunity to actively network with their peers and senior industry representatives.

New members to the committee are always welcome.

Meet the Committee

Mark Isaacs

Ordinary Member

Azarmidokht Gholamipour-Shirazi

Ordinary Member

David Freeman

Ordinary Member

Matthew Gill

Ordinary Member

Pol Hernandez Llado

Ordinary Member

Robin Harrison


Stefano Levanto

Ordinary Member

Prof Paul Clarke

Ordinary Member

Mr Reuben Margerison

Ordinary Member

Nikita Patel

Ordinary Member

Prof Alan Heaton

Ordinary Member

Key Facts

  • The Careers Committee is a new committee formed in 2022.