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Early Careers Committee

The Early Careers Committee (ECC) was set up in 2010 as a result of the reorganisation of SCI Awards and replaced the Awards Committee, taking over many of its responsibilities. It has both advisory roles and delegated responsibilities. The most relevant of the latter is administering Travel Bursaries and Scholarships (more later). It reports to the Board of Trustees (BoT).

The membership is as follows:

Alan Heaton Professor Alan Heaton (Chair)
Alan was Head of Chemistry and Professor of Chemical Education at Liverpool John Moores University. He is the author of 8 undergraduate textbooks, 5 on Industrial Chemistry and since taking early retirement has been to Oman on three occasions to set up and teach on a new B.Sc.(Hons) course in Applied (Industrial) Chemistry at Sultan Qaboos University. His Ph.D. was in Organofluorine Chemistry and in 1988 he was seconded to ICI as an SERC/Royal Society Industrial Fellow to work on the development of CFC Replacements.

He has devoted a great deal of time to promoting chemistry to the general public and particularly young people through presentations and articles in popular science journals. Most recently he managed a project for the RSC's NW Trust to produce a Primary Science DVD to help Primary School Teachers develop the confidence and ability to carry out practical work with their pupils. It has been immensely successful with over 10,000 copies distributed in this country, Ireland and South Africa and glowing feedback!

In summer 2017 his autobiography 'Look what Chemistry did for me' was published.

Within SCI he has relished the chance to work with and support younger members in his roles as CoS Principal and Chair of ECC, and he is an elected member of the Board of Trustees.

Kevin Back Dr Kevin Back
Kevin Back is a solid state analytical chemist who has recently joined Pfizer, studying the solid state properties of new drugs. He recently completed his PhD looking at the crystallisation properties of pharmaceutical molecules, working with Professor Roger Davey at the University of Manchester. During his studies he was awarded an SCI scholarship and became an active member of the College of Scholars, helping to organise a Regional Presentation at Manchester. Prior to his PhD, Kevin worked at AstraZeneca for 5 years, starting out as an analytical chemist and moving into the solid state area. He now has experience moving into industry as both a graduate and as a PhD, with an understanding of the challenges of both!

As well as the ECC, Kevin has served as a committee member on the Liverpool and North West Regional Group.

Dr Inna Baigozina–Goreli
lnna is a partner in A.T. Kearney's London office. She has 20 years of consulting experience across developed and emerging markets. For the last 12 years lnna has focused on supporting clients in the Chemicals industry on a broad range of issues from strategy and merger integration to Cost to Serve and major profitability transformation programmes covering entire P&L. lnna has deep functional expertise in business unit strategy, profitable growth, customer offer optimisation, pricing, sales force effectiveness and channel management. In the chemicals industry her particular expertise is in coatings, adhesives, polymers and construction chemicals within specialty and semi-specialty sector.

lnna holds an MBA from IMD. Lausanne, and a PhD in Economics from Moscow State University.
lnna is a passionate supporter of SCI and thinks it has great potential in engaging the chemicals industry, universities and entrepreneurs in open innovation across variety of topics, especially on the boundaries of traditional scientific fields.

Jenny Mordue Professor A Jennifer Mordue (Luntz)
Professor Jenny Mordue (Luntz) is Emeritus Professor of Zoology at the University of Aberdeen. Her research in chemical ecology is at the cutting edge of innovative approaches to integrated pest management strategies. It involves the identification and use of semiochemicals (allelochemicals from plants, pheromones, kairomones) in the control of phytophagous insect pests, biting flies (mosquitoes and midges) and sealice of farmed salmon.

Jenny has published more than 100 research papers and chapters, holds two patents and is involved with commercialisation towards product formation. She is also a Trustee of the Royal Entomological Society.

Tim Reynolds Tim Reynolds
Tim Reynolds is a writer, journalist and communication consultant with wide experience of multinational and multicultural programmes. Tim currently works for a range of clients in the UK and Brussels including the European Chemical Industry Council and the European Commission.

Tim's early career was with British Gas research working on fundamental spectroscopic studies of coal and catalysts before leading projects on catalyst development and characterisation. He then worked in corporate communications on research-related topics and was awarded a British Science Association Media Fellowship with BBC TV Science and Features. After the Fellowship he worked in international licensing and technology transfer. He left British Gas to work in public relations and communications via a second spell at the BBC.

Within SCI Tim is currently Chair of the SCI Public Evening Lecture Committee as well as being a long-term member of the Early Careers Committee. He has been a member of the SCI Marketing Development Advisory Committee and Membership Committee. He was Chair of the SCI Awards Committee when the College of Scholars was launched. Tim received a SCI Distinguished Service Award in 2018.

Beth MooreBeth Moore
Beth Moore is a polymer chemist with experience of a variety of polymerisation techniques and applications. Beth works at Synthomer, a speciality polymer producer. Her role has mainly focussed on the anionic polymerisation side of the business supporting the development of new grades, application testing and customer support. Prior to Synthomer, Beth also spent some time working for the chemical consultancy Nexant which gave her experience in the broader chemical industry and various technologies. Beth also has had placements working for Infineum, a petrochemical producer and PPG, a coatings manufacturer.

Beth completed her PhD in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Professor Rachel O’Reilly resulting in four first author papers. During her PhD she received travel bursaries (DH Richards Memorial RSC bursary spring 2013, Warwick GRP 2013) in order to attend conferences.

Beth has previously been active in Chemistry at work and outreach events, has been a volunteer at the Science Museum and joined the ECC in January 2018.

Libby LinfieldLibby Linfield
Having completed two internships in industry during a 4-year degree in Natural Sciences, Libby has first-hand experience of the highly competitive undergraduate and graduate job market. She has a good understanding of how to help young people look for opportunities and build their CV. Additionally, she has experience in event organisation, fundraising, business case ideation, effective networking and presenting.

Libby will be entering a graduate scheme at Airbus Defence and Space in 2019, and would like to use membership of the ECC as a platform to increase connections and involvement of SCI to the remote sensing industry. Additionally, she would like to see more competitions and events similar to BrightSCIdea, giving young people a chance to think of science from a financial and business perspective. From her own experience, she believes this is an extremely valuable skill to help people about to start their careers in industry.

Libby first became a part of SCI when she entered and won the 1st BrightSCIdea challenge as part of team Glucoguard. She has become an Ambassador, sharing relevant events with UCL, presented at the College of Scholar’s Day (2019), giving a ‘Winner’s perspective’ of the BrightSCIdea challenge. She also attended the Societal Medal Dinner (2019) and signed up to the mentor programme.

James AdamsDr James Adams
James is a visiting scientist at The University of Manchester, specialising in the development of drugs that target protein tyrosine phosphatases.  His involvement in SCI includes; SCI scholarship holder, SCI ambassador and representing SCI at the Science Parliamentary Links Day 2017. He also played an active role in the conception and delivery of SCIs first Bright SCIdea Challenge. James has previously sat on the ECC 2017-2019 before taking a year out to travel with his wife, since his return he has been keen to continue his contribution to SCI.

His education includes a BBSRC funded PhD in Biochemistry from The University of Manchester that was carried out under the supervision of Prof Lydia Tabernero and Prof David Procter together with a first class MSCi in Chemistry from The University of Nottingham. He has undertaken research with GSK on the design and synthesis of pi3kδ inhibitors for asthma and αvβ6 integrin inhibitors for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis as well as research into sustainable synthesis in academic laboratories.

James currently has six publications and has been the recipient of numerous awards for academic excellence, including; GSK Medal for outstanding work in medicinal chemistry, BP achievement award and a GSK Organic Synthesis Scholarship.

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